I’m quoted in the following article by Evan Rail:

From V.S.O.P. Cognac shoutouts in rap videos to tequilas backed by Hollywood stars, the world of drinks is rife with celebrity endorsements. The boss level: Those rare brands allowed to feature the coat of arms of the British monarch, along with the phrase “by appointment to” the formal name and title of the U.K. head of state, or at least a close relative. Known as royal warrants, fewer than 40 are currently held by beverage companies. They include some of the world’s most famous drinks, from Angostura to Veuve Clicquot — and they’re about to change.

The development follows the September 2022 death of Queen Elizabeth II, who issued the lion’s share of the more than 800 current royal warrants in use at the time of her passing, including the majority of those held by drinks companies. After the death of the royal who granted the warrant, brands can keep using the coat of arms and the name and title for up to two years, according to the website of the Royal Warrant Holders Association. And after a change of sovereign, the site notes, “the royal household will review warrant grants.”

That yay-or-nay process is already happening, albeit behind the scenes, says Charlie Richardson, who runs the monarchy-focused “Not a Royal Expert” TikTok account.

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