The definitive guide to direct marketing

Next Phase Customer Marketing tool kit

Australia Post had a problem.

They couldn’t interest people in direct marketing.

Small business owners thought it sounded like a hassle. Big business marketers thought it sounded unglamorous.

Australia Post turned to MercerBell for help.

The first project we did was The Customer Marketing Program, a five-book course created for small businesses. Written by moi.

It went so well that Australia Post came back a year later and asked for another complete direct marketing course, this time aimed at graduate marketers.

Where are they now?

Before we started, some research company did some focus groups and stuff, to find out why young marketers were so resistant to direct marketing – and turned up something else entirely.

What the graduates really wanted, apparently, was to get hands-on experience, as quickly as possible. Next step was to strike out on their own businesses.

So they could retire at 35. Or, tops, by 40.

No, really, that’s what they expected.

Sometimes I wonder if any of them are close to reaching their dreams. Maybe they’re all sipping cocktails by the pool right now.

If so, it’s probably because they took advantage of Nextphase, our fab course-plus-seminar that we created, and which I wrote. I learned a lot doing it.

Such as why you should end every piece of marketing writing with a compelling sign off. So…

Nothing to pay until February.

CMP Program